Fingertip Winter '23 - Release Notes

Salesforce Winter '23

What’s New

Fingertip's Winter ’23 update focuses on bug fixes and Salesforce Winter '23 compatibility.

The updated Salesforce platform that Fingertip is running on provides even better security and performance.

NOTE: All Fingertip users will be forced into enabling MFA in Salesforce's Autumn '23 Release, but you can already enable MFA with the details below. Read more about MFA from Salesforce's public materials.

Here are our guides to setting up MFA with Fingertip:

For ADMIN: Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Fingertip
For USER: Setting up Multi-Factor authentication using an Authenticator App

Full Changelog


  • Fixed an issue of Gantt view loading
  • Fixed an issue of Chatter tab loading
  • Fixed an issue of Tree view /Canvas view Loading 


  • Fixed an issue on Task sub tab Gantt view task creation 
  • Fixed an issue of component error in Task sub tab Gantt view
  • Fixed an issue of Server Busy while approving the plan
  • Fixed an UI issue of Broken task sub tab in plan preview
  • Fixed an issue on informed users plan items tab accessibility
  • Fixed an UI issue of Plan Items tab buttons 


  • Fixed an issue of Component error in Decision Social Inputs 
  • Fixed an issue of component error in Task sub tab Gantt view
  • Fixed an issue of component error while Proposing the decision
  • Fixed an UI issue on decision Action menu


  • Fixed an issue of Completion type objective action menu from Home tab
  • Fixed an UI issue of Task sub tab Schedule view


  • Fixed an UI issue of the Decision record when it's opened in taxonomy tab.


  • Fixed an issue in the plan items tab loading views 
  • Fixed an UI issue in the decision tab social view sliders

If you didn't find a feature or a fix you were waiting for, leave us a request and it might just find its way to the next release!

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