Fingertip Spring '22 - Release Notes

What’s New

We at Fingertip have been hard at work, bringing you another update for Fingertip on the #1 CRM platform.

The Fingertip Spring’22 update focuses on bug fixes and Salesforce Spring’22 compatibility.

The updated Salesforce platform that Fingertip is running on provides even better security and performance.

Full Changelog


  • Fixed the issue on Work queue Edit task popup  
  • Fixed the issue on Item creation from Channel
  • Fixed the Component error on Home page


  • Fixed an issue on Indicator Description Text display
  • Fixed an issue on Plan filter popup UI issue
  • Fixed an issue on Task copy popup loading issue
  • Fixed the issue on Component error while opening Indicator
  • Fixed the issue on Component error while Moving the Phases
  • Fixed the issue on Indicators Explanation in PDF


  • Fixed an issue on task progress bar update on Decision summary


  • Fixed the Component Error while copying the task


  • Fixed an issue on Stance icon on Cards and Records
  • Fixed an issue on Plan tab loading in iPad
  • Fixed an issue on Decision tab Loading iPad


If you didn't find a feature or a fix you were waiting for, leave us a request and we will be happy to help!

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