Fingertip 8.3 - Release Notes

Release date

12th of February, 2021 - Fingertip 8.3 - Release Notes [2021-02-12].pdf

Release Overview


What’s New

With the 8.3 update we have focused on bringing the decision making experience to a new level. We have re-designed the Decision Filter Options in all the views. We are also working on a new simpler form of a decision which will be released on a later date.

Decision Filter Options will make it easy to fetch the records based on the option selected.

Record menus in the Plan items tab have also been improved to make you more productive from your favorite workspace.

On top of this, the new Salesforce Spring’21 update gives you new tools for customization, security and better performance.

This document gives you an overview and a deep dive into the improvements, fixes and new additions in your product.


Full Changelog

Home Page & General

New Features

  • Added possibility to edit details of records from the Channel view
  • Added possibility to add a record from a Channel to any Plan
  • Added the ‘Open in a new tab’ action to records in Channel view (Desktop)
  • Added classification fields to New Channel popup
  • Added record owner name below the record title in Channels
  • Re-designed record images to appear larger

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed all Issues concerning UI/UX
  • Removed option to delete Tasks from most user levels
  • Fixed issue in mobile configuration
  • Added extra space on Add relation popup for clarity



New Features

  • Added new Filter Options in the Decisions Tab
    • All Decisions – Default view, list of all decisions you are involved in
    • Pending stance – Decisions you are expected to give a stance or approval to
    • Pending Decisions – Decisions you have started in Propose and Decide phases
    • Personal Role – Show Decisions based on your assigned role
  • Added these Filter Options to every Decision Tab view

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where pagination count was misleading in Decisions tab
  • Fixed filtration when the magnitude field is selected
  • Fixed minor UI issue when the decision tab has no records
  • Fixed an issue of being asked a stance as a Consulted role
  • Fixed record count in all decision view
  • Fixed Decision Log menu being sometimes hidden at the bottom



New Features

  • Added possibility to edit Objective records from the Plan items tab
  • Added options ‘Add to Plan’ & ‘Add Item’ for all records in the Plan items tab
  • Added possibility to give Stance and Approval for the decision records from the plan item tab
  • Re-designed action menus for different record types in Plan items tab
  • Re-designed the Plan item tab with a new Priority button and view selector button
  • Updated the Item tab columns for Meeting, Decision log, Financial, Protofolio, Work)
  • Changed the item tab as default tab in Plan records
  • Improved plan record page performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Reorder Item button in the Plan items tab
  • Fixed a component error issue occured when the Plan social inputs are updated
  • Fixed adding columns in the Plan items tab
  • Fixed a component error when accessing the record after adding people to it
  • Fixed an issue where Tasks added in the plan item were shown as Plans
  • Fixed ‘Edit details’ options missing from action menu
  • Fixed an issue with expanding/collapsing in the items list



New Features

  • Changed List view as the default view in the Objectives tab

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Objective icon color on Android systems



New Features

  • Added possibility to create Tasks with multiple Accountables

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue of opening a task from ‘Save & New’ button from the edit task popup


Spring '21 feature update conflicts resolved

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed New task and Edit task popups
  • Changed the New task popup to non-scrollable
  • Fixed a bug in Objective records where the background color were missing, or the fields were xceeding the layout
  • Fixed the Plan record type popup when creating a new Plan
  • Fixed an issue where Decision popup buttons were overlapping with the Channel buttons
  • Fixed issue with icon sizes in Add Item popup
  • Fixed icon alignment in the new URL popup rich text field
  • Fixed interface issue with Plan action menu’s ‘Add to Plan’ popup


If you didn't find a feature or a fix you were waiting for, leave us a request and we will be happy to help!

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