Project Management Office (PMO)

  • Single source of accessing projects’ data and drilling down to project details as needed.
  • Consolidated view on KPIs, performance and parameters.
  • Online reports and Dashboards for keeping track on budgets and timelines.
  • Digital decision making for managing the changes in the portfolio, handling escalations, and aligning projects with changes.
  • PMO Decision Log for real time follow up
  • Integrated Meeting Management Solution
  • Context based dialogue and collaborative Decision Making keeps stakeholders informed and aligned. No separate reporting needed.

Establishing a complete project overview enables you to see what is going on. Fingertip offers a single workspace to manage all data related to strategies, portfolios and projects – visible for everyone & integrated to your CRM.

Aligning your projects with strategy has never been this easy. Decide on your strategic initiatives and objectives and cascade those to your portfolios and projects.

Use a virtual environment to engage your teams wherever they are. Fingertip has built in unique and modern digital decision making processes for investments with classification and prioritization.



Project Monitoring & Control

  • Online access to project status and progress
  • Dynamically manage the project tasks, critical path, and dependencies in a Gantt chart.
  • Digital Decision Making for engaging people for reporting issues and challenges requiring a Decision and aligning teams with the execution & expected outcome.
  • Fast way to escalate project issues and get right people involved. Dynamic RACI model is a great way to engage and empower project teams for the project goals.
  • Integrated chatting keeps the project communication and dialogue in the content. Less communication gaps and information losses.
  • Integrated quality management is lean and keeps continuous learning rate high.
  • Managing project visually with Gantt, traffic lights and trends.
  • Shared project workspace keeps everyone in the project team on the same page and improves the reaction time to upcoming issues.
  • Approvals for milestones based on the criticality and defined authority (supported with digital Governance).
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