Project Planning and Management

Fingertip offers a one platform solution for all project and portfolio data. It integrates with company strategies directly on the Salesforce platform and builds cross-platform alignment. Use Fingertip across your organization to tie decision making and strategic planning with accountable execution.

No matter your preferred methodologies, Fingertip is highly customizable to fit your specific needs. Build the processes that matter and visualize in Gantt charts, Kanbans, Lists, Dashboards and more.


Project Planning

  • Project workspace with integrated planning of project scope
    • Content
    • Timeline
    • Quality
    • Budget
  • Collaborative way to plan the project work and identify the critical path.
    • Objectives & KPIs
    • Schedules (e.g. Gantt charts)
    • Processes & Milestones and criteria for completion
    • Tasks
    • Resources & assignments
    • Quality
    • Risk identification
    • Deliverables and documentation



Project Meetings

  • Integrated meeting management solution is object based and runs in the same project environment with project content and plans.
  • Less separate reporting needed.
  • Digitally decisions are made all the time and no need to wait for the meeting. Decision Logs helps to keep track on Decisions under preparation and ones with scheduled execution.
  • Online reports and Dashboard provide the statistical view to success.
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