Fingertip 8.0 - Release Notes

Release date

1st of October, 2020 - Fingertip 8.0 - Release Notes [2020-09-28].pdf

Release Overview

What’s New

With the 8.0 update we have focused on bringing the decision making experience to a new level. We have redesigned the Decision popups, record header and list view, and added a new summary tab. We are also working on a new simpler form of a decision which will be released on a later date.

Decision list view will now open as default on the Decisions tab. The new sleek look gives you all the information and functionality needed to become a better decision maker.

The new Decision Summary tab gives a clear overview of what is happening in your Decisions. Whether it is a complex strategic decision or a simple everyday decision, it can be handled with Fingertip.

Fingertip 8.0 update is released alongside with the Salesforce Winter’21. It gives you new tools for customization, security and better performance.


Full Changelog

Home Page & Channels

New Features

  • You can now  view and pin the default Channel also in Mobile.
  • Completed items are now by default hidden in Channels.
  • Final approvals are now shown on the Work Queue component.
  • You can now click on the title to redirect to the record from Work Queue.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the loading time of the channels tab.
  • Channel item title has been swapped to the top for consistency.


New Features

  • New Decision popup has been updated with additional functionality: It now has tabs that allows advanced editing of the Decision and classifications.
  •  Stance and Final Approval popups have been redesigned with more clarity added to the contents of the decision.
  • The Decision record page header has been updated with a new look. A new lifecycle design has been added and increased clarity on all of the action buttons.
  • The Decision list view redesigned and made as the default view in the Decisions tab.
  • Decision page has a new default tab called the Summary tab. The tab gives an overall status of the Decision and suggests next steps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on the iPhone where the Stance button was visible even after giving the stance
  • Fixed error: 'Invalid Record Id or Record not accessible’ when closing Decisions
  • Fixed an issue on mobile devices where the lifecycle was not shown correctly
  • Changed the order of Decision Description and decision in the stance and approval popups.
  • Fixed an issue with Relation tab and Accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with saving the same execution date and decision due date.
  • Fixed UI issue where in the people tab the social average / group icon is not shown in total.


New Features

  • Objectives can now be collapsed in the Plan items tab showing the tasks added to the Objective.
  • Taxonomy and Topics have been added to the Objectives popup.
  • Added Kanban view in Objectives tab of Decisions and Plans.
  • Added a Kanban view for Objectives in mobile.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Objective tab sometimes throwing error while loading.
  • Fixed an issue when updating value higher than target from plan items action menu, the value did not get saved.
  • Fixed the Objective search filter to show the correct values even when modified.
  • Fixed issue with customizing Classification label names in Objectives.


New Features

  • Tasks popup now has added functionality with tabs added on top, improved from last release.
  • Files tab has been added to the task popup.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in the Activity tab, the counts were not showing properly in Schedule view
  • Fixed an issue where changing the due date from today to some other day not displayed correctly in the Schedule view.
  • Gantt now shows the lines between Tasks correctly.
  • In Task Edit Popup, the “Related To” field has been renamed as “Parent” for consistency.
  • In Task Edit Popup, the Parent field now correctly redirects to the parent record on click.


Bug Fixes

  • Copying a Plan now properly copies the Taxonomy from previous Plan.
  • Fixed an issue with the Add Url button from the Add item popup.
  • Fixed an issue with the Plan Kanban column record count not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Plan Process stage gate approvals not getting generated properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Relation from parent Plan is not visible in child Plan.
  • Fixed an issue with Plan image upload.
  • Fixed an issue where iPhone only displayed two tabs in Plan tab after opening it from Channels.
  • Fixed an issue with opening Files from Plan items
  • Fixed an issue with Edit Note popup in a Plan items showing the old title even after updating it.
  • Fixed an issue, when adding items or sections into a plan and then pressing back, the added items/sections were not shown in parent plan.
  • Fixed an issue where user was not able to copy plan from the items list.
  • Fixed an issue with Content Notes not allowing more than 100 characters in Plan items
  • Fixed an issue when trying to Approve a Decision.
  • Fixed an UI issue with Firefox in plan items, empty space in header.
  • Plans now show the title on two rows so that the full title can be seen instead of limiting it.
  • Fixed an error related to the financial columns in Plan Item tab.

If you didn't find a feature or a fix you were waiting for, leave us a request and we will be happy to help!

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