Fingertip with Microsoft Teams

The Fingertip app can be integrated in Microsoft Teams so that you can use Fingertip inside a Microsoft Teams channel or a chat. This done by creating a Website tab that directs to a Fingertip page. When the link is created, it is available for all the users that have access to that discussion or channel.

Adding a Website tab only takes a minute. The steps are explained in the following guide.

NOTE: Fingertip URL will not work directly from the web version of Teams. This guide is intended for the desktop app.

Fingertip URL structure

As Fingertip resides on the Salesforce platform, each page can be shared with others through giving an unique link. This is helpful while discussing in Chatter, but it can also be shared outside the platform. Each page in Fingertip has its own web address so you can add a direct connection to your favourite Fingertip records from your Teams discussion.

Custom Tabs in Microsoft Teams

Tabs allow team members to access content in a dedicated space within a channel or a chat in Teams. The team can then work directly with the tools and data in context. Tabs can be anything from a Power BI report, a dashboard, PowerPoint, Excel or a Website container. There are also countless custom apps that you can add as a tab for easy access.

Adding the Website Tab in a Teams Channel

  1. Open a channel under a Team
    Teams are made up of channels. Each channel is built around a topic, like “Team Events,” a department name, or just for fun. Channels are where you hold meetings, have conversations, or work on files together.


  2. Click the plus sign next to the tabs on top.
    The tabs at the top of each channel link to your favorite files, apps, and services.


  3. From the list of tabs, select Website.
    To find this button more easily, you can filter this list by typing "Website" in the search bar on top right corner.


  4. Name your tab and enter the URL. Save once done.
    The tab name will be displayed on the top. To find the URL you need to go into Fingertip and copy the address from your browser. If you keep “Post to the chat about this tab” checked, a message will be shared in the channel’s posts tab about the new content.


  5. Log in to Fingertip with your username and password.
    Select the newly created tab and log in to the org with your credentials.


  6. That’s it! You can now access Fingertip directly from Teams.
    Remember, you can create links specific records by using different URLs. You can open a Plan in Fingertip and copy the URL into Teams. The tab will instantly open the correct Plan from the URL.

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