Notes Tab (Advanced)

Notes tab is an dedicated place to manage all your notes without popups appearing all over your screen. The tab is not included in your Fingertip navigation by default so we need to do a little bit of configuration. First, we're going to add Notes tab as part of the main navigation bar and then doing walk-through of what you can find in the Notes tab.


Adding Notes tab to the main navigation

1. Click the little pencil icon below your profile picture at the right hand side of the main navigation. Files5.png

2. In the popup, click Add More Items. Another popup will open.


3. In the new popup, select All from the side navigation.

4. Type 'Notes' in the search bar to locate the Notes item from the list.

5. Click the plus icon (mceclip0.png) to select the Notes item.

6. With the Notes item selected, click Add 1 Nav Item.

7. Click Save.


Notes Tab Overview

Now when you have the Notes tab added to your navigation bar and let's see what we can find inside it.


  1. Notes tab - this is where you are at
  2. Create a new Note
  3. Filter Notes in here by:
    • Recently Viewed - your last modified and viewed Notes are displayed here
    • My Notes - displays all of your Notes in one list
    • Shared With Me - if someone inside your organisation has shared a note with you or their team, you can access the note here
  4. Notes displayed by your filter choice are listed here
  5. A title field for your Note - this is required
  6. Enter additional description of your note here, you can also use the text styles!
  7. View the changes history that have been made in this specific Note
  8. Delete the selected Note
  9. There is an option to share the note with an user or a public group. Enter the sharing details in the new popup and click Done
  10. If you want to add your Note as part of a record, select the record here




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