Fingertip 7.0 - Release Notes

Released on 7th of February, 2020

Release Overview

We’re excited to launch a more seamless user experience with Fingertip 7.0! We put a lot of love into this release and we hope you like all the new shiny features.

Be sure to check out our exciting new tab called Channels, which allows you to group your data into meaningful categories, like you have learned from the most common messaging tools.

We’ve polished the task management experience by cutting the load times in half and optimized the app to keep things running smoothly.

Salesforce Spring’20 update arrives soon with a bunch of improvements. The mobile app user interface is updated unifying the desktop and mobile apps and giving Admins more customization options.

You can now do more actions straight from the Plan items tab and Objectives have reached a new level by introducing process and tabs for chatter, relations, classifications and history.


Full Change log


  • New Channels tab for Mobile and Desktop
  • New Decision, Plan, Task creation from Channel tab along with channel
  • Sharing for channels (Visible only for me, or for others)
  • New view for Objectives
  • Show favorites as channel
  • Pin a channel to the top


  • Performance improvement for task tab and all related actions
  • Implemented Task life cycle for desktop and mobile
  • Added support for inline edit in task list view
  • Added related to field for all tasks and allow editing of the parent
  • Added Save & New buttons to New Task and New Note popups


  • Added support for add chatter comments in PDF
  • Added Edit People and Edit Details in Plan Items Action Menu If Access(Plan & Decision)
  • Added inline edit to comment field in Prioritization and Reorder Popup
  • Approvals are now shown properly in history tab
  • Added Classification tab to plans
  • Added buttons on top of details tab
  • Recently used items are now visible in add item & relation popups
  • Fixed description field length to 131000 characters from 256


  • New record page
  • Added Chatter tab to record page
  • Added progress and trend to record page and tab
  • Added Decoration image to record page
  • Added life cycle/path to record page
  • Added relations tab to record page
  • Added classification tab to record page
  • Show Due Date and Edit Title in objective record page header
  • Added progress bar in objective record page
  • Added inline edit to objective record page
  • Implemented lifecycle in new and edit popup
  • New mobile record page and details page
  • Added copy objective action
  • Added History tab for record page
  • Added support for Objectives in plan history tab
  • Implemented new Objectives component
  • Fixed description field length to 131000 characters from 256


  • Implemented Approval Popup Design for stance and final approval
  • New summary block component in approval popup
  • Show people in new approval popup
  • Show files in new approval popup
  • Responsible phase movement as default functionality
  • Added buttons on top of details tab
  • Fixed Details tab is locked issue, editing now done with edit details button


  • New default rules for gamification
  • Minor UX enhancements
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