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With the Fingertip 7.5 release we are updating the default home page in Fingertip. The new page needs to be activated through the Salesforce Setup, it doesn't get updated automatically.

The updated home page adds the Channels component in the place of the one column Decisions and Plans components. It also updates the help section on the top right corner with the correct links to our new Help Center (isn't it nice?). 

Go to Setup


  1. Click on the cogwheel button on the top header.
  2. Click on Setup.

Go to Lightning App Builder


  1. Search for Lightning App Builder then click on the result

  2. Click on Edit next to the currently active Home page (in this case Fingertip_Home_Trial)

    !   If there is no custom, editable home page click on View next to Fingertip_Home instead


  1. Click on Activation.

Deactivate the old home page


  1. Go to App Default tab

  2. Click on Remove Assignments

    !   If the apps assigned on the left are not visible, you are viewing/editing the wrong home page.


  1. Select the assigned Fingertip apps.
  2. Click on Next.


  1. Click on Save to confirm the changes.


  1. Click on Back to return to the Setup.


  1. Click on the App Launcher.

  2. Select or search for Fingertip and click on the name.

Check the home page

Picture5.pngCheck if the Home page got updated to the new layout like shown above. 


There are known issues with the AppBuilder causing errors while activating or deactivating pages. They should not affect the above process, if you get an error after activating just ignore it.

If you have any issues with this process contact Fingertip support by submitting a request or sending email to

If this guide didn't answer all your questions you can also check out the Salesforce guide in Trailhead.

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