Fingertip 7.5 - Release Notes

Release date

10th of July, 2020 - Fingertip 7.5 - Release Notes [2020-07-10].pdf

Release Overview

At Fingertip, we are obsessed with finding the most enjoyable and efficient way to work. Fingertip 7.5 is released alongside with the Salesforce Summer’20 update, bringing you smoother, better experience with new things to try out.

What’s New

  • Home tab has been rebuilt with the new Channels component, allowing you to easily find the things that matter the most. To update the home page, follow this guide.
  • Objectives has received a facelift and a bunch of new features. You can see the current status and progress with a glance from Kanban on both desktop and mobile.
  • Tasks have been improved with faster access to Chatter and Files. Task Kanban has now more clear indicators of priority and the due date.

Full Changelog


  • Created a new, updated home page with Channels
  • Implemented a Refresh button on each sub tab
  • Performance Improvements  in Plan items
  • Added a new, generic Traffic light and Trend component
  • Implemented Files sub tab in Tasks, Preview and Mobile
  • Added faint background color for the placeholder decoration images
  • Added editing name of the new record in the copy popup
  • Fixed issue with DATE fields not opening correctly from our popups.
  • Added a label to the Action menu to make it more visible
  • Fixed issue of removing Accountable role in edit people
  • Reduced the load time for copying records
  • Added loaders and placeholders to multiple places
  • Fixed issues with leaderboard showing wrong numbers when changing time frame
  • Added confirmation when deleting Accountable user in people tab
  • Fixed multiple UI issues from iOS mobile devices
  • Fixed multiple UI issues with Mozilla browser


  • Added favorites default channel to mobile
  • Implemented pinning and remember pinned view on mobile
  • Completed items are no longer shown in Channels.


  • Updated the Objectives tab with a new look and functionality
  • Added List and Classification view for Objectives
  • Added possibility to filter objectives by group in the Objectives tab
  • Added Kanban view in Objectives Tab of Plans and Decisions
  • Added Kanban view for Objectives in Mobile
  • Added Task tab for Objectives record page
  • Added New Task and New Post into Objective record page action menu
  • Added Taxonomy and topics for Objectives popup
  • Added buttons to the Objectives details tab: Edit Details, Copy Objective
  • Update User levels and tab orders for Objectives
  • Added owner field to the Objective edit popup in the record
  • Fixed issue with Objective’s current value not allowing more than target value
  • Renamed Objective “Update” button to “New Value”


  • Added tabs on top of Edit Task popup (Details, Advanced, Chatter, Files)
  • Add priority in Task card
  • Added dynamic coloring to due dates in Tasks
  • Added some Visual cues to Activities tab (Priority & Status)
  • Changed task Edit Popup Related To field label from "Related To" to "Parent“
  • Fixed issue of Parent field in Task not redirecting the user to the record
  • Renamed the “New” button to "New Task" in the Activities tab header.
  • Fixed sorting in Activities tab so that it now sorts by Priority first
  • Updated the Activities tab Schedule view column titles to be more precise
  • Changed the label of completed tasks slider in Activities tab to "View Completed Tasks“Fixed issue that prevented changing the status when filter was on in the Activities tab


  • Added option to add URLs in Plan items
  • Improved the performance of the Add Item search
  • Added option to hide time from Date & Time fields in plan columns
  • Added  option to change plan phase from the Plan item Status column
  • Added copy action to plan items action menu
  • Improve load time of Edit details button when page layout is enabled
  • Added smaller refresh in add items, only refreshing the changed row
  • Renamed “Delete” action in Plan Items to "Remove“
  • Fixed issue with iPhone where you couldn’t scroll in add item popup
  • Fixed an issue that prevented opening files from plan items
  • Fixed issue with updating plan phase from Plan items Status column
  • Fixed issue with Plan view selector not getting closed when clicking elsewhere
  • Fixed issues with saving Notes
  • Reversed the order of Description and decision in plan approvals
  • Fixed issue with multiple Plan item columns breaking the UI
  • Fixed “Hidden from you” issue with Notes in Plan items


  • Added help icon & explanation for Decision proposal
  • Fixed issue with decision title overlapping with life cycle when title is long
  • Fixed issue with editing the criteria in Decision Matrix
  • Fixed issue with deleting your own tasks in Decisions

If you didn't find a feature or a fix you were waiting for, leave us a request and we will be happy to help!

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