Viewing Notes in Utility Bar

Stay organized and on top of all your tasks by adding notes to Decisions, Plans, Tasks, Objectives, and more. Utility at the bottom of the screen follows you to every page you visit in Fingertip so you can create, edit and delete Notes by just few clicks! In this guide we will go through of what you can find from Notes in the utility bar.


  1. Minimize (close) the Notes window
  2. Open the Notes popup in a different window - this is useful if you want to add notes to your Fingertip all over from the Internet!
  3. Filter Notes by:
    • Recently Viewed - your last modified and viewed Notes are displayed here
    • My Notes - displays all of your Notes in one list
    • Shared With Me - If someone inside your organisation has shared a note with you or their team, you can access the note here
  4. Create a new Note - Another popup will open at the bottom of your screen
  5. Notes displayed by your filter choice are listed here
  6. Notes tab in the Utility Bar - this is where you are at. Click on Notes again to close the popup


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