Files in Records and Items

Attach files to Decisions and Plans records to keep them easily accessible to you and your team. To upload files:


  1. Open the Decision or Plan that you want attach files to.
  2. Navigate to the Files tab in the record.
  3. Click Add Files in the Files tab.
  4. Upload an new file or navigate to an existing file by using the filter navigation.
  5. Click Add.


After you have uploaded the file, you can do the following actions by clicking on the file's action menu (mceclip0.png)

  • Download the file - Downloads the file to your device
  • Share the file - Select from the popup who you want to share the file with and who can access it
  • Create a public link - By doing this action, anyone with this link can view and download the file on the internet
  • View Details - Takes you to the Files tab and you can see more specific information about the file
  • Upload New Version - If you have made changes to the file, select this option and upload the newer version and your old version is replaced
  • Change file details - Change the file and description in a popup
  • Delete the file - Deletes the file permanently
  • Remove from record - Doesn't delete the file permanently, only removes it from the record. You can find all your files in the Files tab.
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