Overview of Files Tab

In the Files tab you can store all of your files and keep them secured. Upload, delete and view all of your files in one place. You can also filter you files by using the side navigation and even create File Libraries! In this guide we will take you through of what you can find in the Files tab.


  1. Files Tab - This is where you are at
  2. Current Files view
  3. Change your Files view here - You can view:
    • Files that you have uploaded
    • Files that are shared with you
    • Recent files - Shows you the files that were modified recently
    • Files that you are following?
    • File Libraries - You can also also create a new library for your files by clicking the New Library button on the top right corner of the screen
  4. Create a new Files Library
  5. Upload files - The maximum size of a File that you want to upload must be under 25MB
  6. Your all Files all listed here
  7. The name of the File
  8. File owner - the person who has uploaded the File
  9. Last modified date of the File
  10. File Action Menu - the owner of the File can do several actions, others can only delete the file
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