Kick off the Gamification Program

Gamification is a fun-loving race where teammates collect points or other immaterial rewards while still getting everyday work done. Fingertip Gamification solution covers a holistic approach to design a gamification rule system for an organization, which reinforces habit creation and working culture.


  1. Kick-off the Gamification Program by learning the gamification principles and identifying the Early-Mid-Late Games.
  2. Align Games to your strategic and sales targets and ensure that Gamification contributes to your business goals. Pros and Cons analysis opens the human interest and psychological factors.
  3. Build the management system to support the Gamification Program. It’s highly important to have clear governance, leadership engagement and practices ready when Gamification is launched.
  4. Gamification Design workshops target building gamification backlog, make games designs and learn to configure the Gamification Engine.
  5. Every new game is an opportunity to build something new and special into the organization. Therefore the reward and recognition system is carefully designed and spiced with surprising elements.
  6. In the lessons learned workshop we evaluate the impact of gamification to objectives and working culture.
  7. After the first joint Games we transfer the game design and administration knowledge to your administrators.
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