Sales Leadership

Fingertip helps sales teams to align to company strategy and derive the sales objectives and initiatives accordingly. Sales development, collaboration, and customer knowledge sharing can happen in one place, helping sales professionals and domain experts work together – dynamically – towards customer’s success.

  1. Create a new Sales Strategy Plan and derive sales objectives from company level targets. Initiate collaboration around objectives to generate ideas and make Decisions.
  2. Successful strategy requires detailed execution plans for achieving growth, succeeding in sales and performing result-driven marketing. Fingertip facilitates structure and hierarchy to keep you achieving your targets in the daily grind.
  3. Customer focus & alignment are challenging in a fast-moving environment where different priorities tear apart. Fingertip enables better coordination between salespeople, unifying your interactions, creating focus and alignment.
  4. Solution creation is a joint-effort activity requiring input from various teams (e.g. Product, Project, Delivery, Legal, Support etc.) as well as collaborating with customer actively. Fingertip facilitates teams to quickly put customer information together and innovate the solution.
  5. End-to-end customer experience is about interactions with a customer during pre-sales, sales, product development, delivery & service etc. Fingertip combines all customer related plans and decisions into customer Account providing online access - anywhere, anytime.
  6. Run your sales meetings with Fingertip. Invite also other substance experts for joint decision making & planning for customer’s success.



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