New State of Sales Excellence

Know what your customers want before they do. Sales Teams need to capture the essentials from customers and markets – even on the go! Fingertip provides a Sales Excellence platform for teams to develop customer solutions, sales capability and velocity. With Fingertip you maximize the efficiency and productivity of sales effort and minimize the complexity and bureaucracy.

  1. Capture new trends originating from customers and the market. Open Fingertip mobile and record new ideas instantly. With mobile decision making the process starts immediately!
  2. Customers expect speed. Use Decisions to collaborate visibly for customer value creation. Fingertip facilitates collaboration in a structured manner and helps find the solution when people and data is scattered.
  3. Drive Account Planning with the help of Fingertip dynamic Plans. These Dynamic Plans collect all Account Plans together and provide the fastest snapshot to your status – highlighted with traffic lights! Focus your effort to Accounts requiring the most support.
  4. Analyze sales data and decide to improve – funnel, win rate, deal size, competence, skills marketing-mix. Sales Velocity and Capability are results of good decisions, not the cause. Decide and test new things continuously.
  5. Excel in Daily Work -enablers
    • Channels group information into predefined substance groups.
    • Work Queue facilitates work prioritization and keeping deadlines.
    • Traffic lights & Trends indicate status and priority.
    • Master Plans are dynamic data collectors enabling surfing between the big picture and details.
    • Gantt & Kanban visualize progress and dependencies.
    • Governance & RACI clarify roles & responsibilities.
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