Key Account Management with Fingertip

Customer Account Plan with Fingertip is actionable, dynamic and supports cross-team collaboration and transparency.  

Translate customer insights and company business drivers into Account based Objectives 

  • Set Objectives and Key Results with timings. 
  • Engage customer facing teams and share Account Objectives for alignment and action planning. 
  • Each objective is made actionable through clearly assigned tasks and schedules. 

Design Account Strategy to achieve the Objectives 

  • Account Strategy requires choices like building the path towards goals, sharpening the focus, and succeeding in internal & external collaboration. 
  • When decisions are made socially together with business, product and delivery/service teams, all important viewpoints are accounted into new innovative ideas, and best options get chosen in a consistent manner. 
  • Living close by the customer’s business targets requires the ability to swift the strategic focus of the Account as neededMaking decisions proactively for the best of Account’s future is a continuous & collaborative activity. Digital decision making fosters the collaboration and drives the value creation in a visible and measurable manner. 

Build customer loyalty by aligning resources and solutions 

  • Oftentimes several persons and teams are working with the same Account. Fingertip allows you to link all Account related (sub-) Plans together e.g. Customer Projects and Delivery. This increases alignment and decreases biases while everybody operates under the same Account Plan and shares updates in the Account’s specific channel. 
  • Traffic Lights and Trend indicators are excellenways to share the Account status and upcoming progress. 
  • Master Account Plan is an aggregated Plan from all key Accounts with a snapshot of status and health – all at one glance! Should you find any of the topics on Red with some critical issues, drill down for details and corrective actions 

Account agility is the result of online transparency and structured way of working. 

  • Catching new opportunities and processing new requirements fast defines the fast-moving Account Team. This is best accomplished with Fingertip mobile. With mobile you can record new ideas as Decisions and invite relevant stakeholders for immediate collaboration and solution creation – even on the go!  
  • Processes and digital structures help keep Account related information consistent and easily accessible - whether it is about Decisions, Tasks, Plans or Objectives, you can easily catch up the status – anywhere, anytime!  
  • Consistent and current online information is the cornerstone for situational awareness and swift actions to keep the Account Plan on the right path. 

Drive Account Management without a mountain of administrative work. 

  • Collect sales Opportunities into the Account Plan and define the short-term must win battles 
  • Dynamic Account Planning is an easy way to keep up-to-date and add content that address the topical issues. This improves the manageability of the big picture and creates a visible alignment from short-term actions to long-term goals.   
  • Identify the risks that might jeopardize your Account Plan and Decide on mitigation actions. 
  • Visibility to all activities across teams helps keep Account Plans balanced and realistic. 
  • Dynamic linking keeps the work lean and work entities healthy – no excessive administration needed. 


With Fingertip you foster collaboration & meetings across your Account Team and cross-functional Teams 

  • Run Sales and Account reviews in the same workspace with your Account Plans 
  • Use the meeting solution to build digital content for agendas and invite people to contribute also before and after the meeting takes place 
  • With Fingertip your meetings are always in context and meeting agenda transforms into meeting notes, providing traceability of Decisionbeing made as well as the achieved results.  
  • Meetings can be onsiteremote, or completely virtual and asynchronous as well. Best part is that when Decisions are run digitally in a continuous manner the actual meeting can be used for future planning. 


Win with a dynamic and collaborative Account Plan – collaborate in a meaningful manner and spend more time with your customers! Fingertip keeps your Account data alive! 

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