What are User Levels in Fingertip?

Fingertip is a full stack management system with an extensive feature set. To ease the information overload, Fingertip has three different user levels:


1. Entry

Only basic features. No access to advanced classifications or analysis. Use this to get used to the Fingertip environment and upgrade as soon as you get the hang of it.


2. Intermediate

The every day Fingertipper’s user level: has most features that you will require in knowledge work. Gives access to the Objectives tab, Notes subtab, Evaluation subtab, Classifications subtab, Suggestions subtab, Survey subtab, Alternative Matrix subtab, Copying action and PDF generation action.


3. Advanced

Full access to Fingertip’s features (except Admin functionality). Adds the Quality tab, Taxonomy tab, Topics, Matrixs tab and the Indicators sub tab for plans.



Some features also require additional permission sets, such as deleting, modifying Taxonomy or Accountability and viewing & editing Reports & Dashboards.

User Levels allows you to configure what features you can see and access in Fingertip. They change the amount of tabs and actions you have visible.

As your skillset improves you can bring in more advanced features and move into higher user levels.

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