Should I map out my process and set up projects in sandbox or production?

As you explore Fingertip and start thinking about what your process will look like and how you will be setting up your projects, an important consideration that you will come across is whether you should set everything up in sandbox or in production. While it is always a best practice to test functionality and configuration customizations in your sandbox org, it is recommended to build out actual projects and tasks in production.

Why Is It Better To Set Up Projects In Production?

When you create projects and tasks in TaskRay, you are creating data in Salesforce. If you are doing this in sandbox, you will eventually need to migrate that data into production to manage your projects. Migrating data from sandbox to production involves using Salesforce data import and/or export tools, which will require additional work to ensure that everything transfers over correctly. You can read more about this topic in the Data Management Trailhead course.

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