RACI Concept for Decision Making

In decision making it is vital that people know what is expected from them. We use the RACI concept to invite people and engage with them during the decision making process. 

Every stakeholder in the decision has an assigned role which defines the rights and duties of that individual or group. 

Accountable has the final say and right to carry the decision forward. This role is limited to one user.

Backup has the same rights as Accountable. This can be useful if the Accountable for some reason is not able to fulfil their duties.

Responsible are expected to do the work.

Consulted are people whose opinions and insights we’d like to gather and listen to.

Informed is for whoever we want to keep in the loop. Those who are Informed will not actively be notified about the Decision but are able to access it and comment on it.

Veto is for someone to be able to reject an approved decision.

The roles, their rights and responsibilities are pictured in the table below:


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