Creating a Decision in Fingertip

The Fingertip Decision object gathers the process of decision making into one easily understandable life cycle. Use the principles of Social Decision Making to get the most out of Fingertip and improve the leadership environment in your organization. Whether it is an idea, problem or a statement, you can collaborate with your team to find the best approach and solution.

Fingertip recommends to use a rule for when new Decisions should be created based on their strategic or operational importance, for example the 3-3-3 rule (at least 3 people involved, consists of at least 3 tasks and takes at least 3 days). 

All users in Fingertip can create Decisions regardless of their user level or role. The feature is available also on mobile devices.

This guide will go through:

  • How to create Decisions in Fingertip
  • Filling the Decision details in the New Decision popup
  • Inviting others to your Decision

How to create Decisions in Fingertip

Desktop Mobile

On desktop, there are multiple places where you can create a new Decision from in Fingertip:

  • In the Home tab, click on the "New Item" button. Then select "New Decision" and click the blue "Continue" button on the bottom of the popup. If you have a Channel selected, the Decision will automatically be added into that Channel.
  • Click the small arrow next to the Decisions tab and select "New Decision".
  • Navigate to the Decisions tab. Then click on the "New" button on the top right corner.
  • On the top navigation there is a small plus sign, which opens the Global Action menu. Open it and select "New Decision". If New Decision is not available, you need to add the Fingertip global actions.
  • It is also possible to create new Decisions as Plan items.

Filling in the Decision details in the New Decision popup

To create a Decision you need to first fill in the fields in the New Decision popup:

  1. Title (required)
    Write an inspiring and explanatory title for your decision. It can be a statement, question or an idea. For example: Let's create a Decision when it involves more than three people [2020-06-08]
  2. Description (required)
    Explain the background, current situation and any external factors that have an impact on this decision. 
  3. Due Date (optional)
    When does the Decision need to be made? This time indicates when the final approval should be done and stances are no longer accepted. Due date can also be added afterwards when proposing your Decision.
  4. Priority (optional)
    This field can be used to highlight the Decisions urgency and impact. The higher the priority, the higher it will appear on lists. Priority will also be shown on the Decision card if it's either "High" or "Very High" value.
  5. Taxonomy (optional)
    If you have set up Taxonomy, you can tag your Decision with a Taxonomy class. Taxonomy helps you to find the Decision based on it's category. It can also be used to automatically add people in different roles.
  6. People (optional)
    Add people to the Decision by typing a name and then selecting the user from the dropdown menu. You can also add Public Groups. Read more about the Fingertip RACI model here. When creating a new Decision you will always be the Accountable role as you are creating it, but you can change your own role later if needed.
    If you only want to draft the Plan without sharing it with others yet, leave it as it is.

Once everything is ready, click "Save" to create the Decision and share it will all the users selected in the People section.

Inviting others to your Decision

New users can be invited from the Decision action menu by selecting "Edit People" or by navigating to the "People" tab and clicking the "Add People" button (only on desktop).

In the popup, adding people is simple:

  1. Click on the  mceclip1.png icon.
  2. Start writing the name of the user you want to add to the Decision.
  3. Select the user from the list once it appears.

Once a user is added  to any role, they can see the Decision in their Decision tab or in any Channel the Decision has been added to.

If you cannot find the user you want to add to the Decision when searching in the "Edit People" popup, it is possible that the user has not been created in Fingertip.



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