Saving your favorites

Find your favorite items from the Favorites section in the Home tab. This guide will through of what you can find in the Favorites and how to add items as your Favorites.

The Favorites section

The Favorites section in the Home tab consists of:


  1. Adding a new item - click on this to create a new Decision, Plan, Task or Objective and add it to your Favorites.
  2. Search for a certain item in your already-saved Favorites
  3. Refresh the Favorites section status
  4. Item's last modified or due date
  5. Item title
  6. Item's owner
  7. Item's decorative image


Adding items to your Favorites

There's a few ways to add Items to your Favorites. One way is to click on New Item in the Favorites section and create a new item or you can add existing items by following these steps:

  1. Locate to the record in Fingertip that you want to add as favorite
  2. Click on the star icon on top right corner of the screen to add the item to Favoritesfavorites3.png
  3. You can also view and and access your other favorite items by clicking the dropdown arrow



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