My Objectives

Boost your productivity and ensure alignment with Objectives. See currently prioritized goals and plan your work accordingly.


  1. See your Objective's progress
  2. Objective's status
  3. Objective's due date
  4. Refresh the My Objectives section
  5. You can sort your Objectives by:
    • My Objectives - Displays all of your Objectives
    • Priority - Displays the Objectives with the highest priority first
    • Overdue - Displays all Objectives that have passed their due date
  6. Objective title
  7. Last modified date
  8. Click on the Action Menu to:
    • Enter a new value for the Objective
    • Edit Objective's details
    • Open the Objective record (directly navigate to the record or open it in a new tab)
  9. View all of your Objectives in the Objectives tab
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