Focus with Objectives

Highly aligned organizations adapt quickly, achieve more and generate revenue faster. Objectives create alignment and purpose. Set targets and goals for future improvement. Measure your goals and key results. Follow and discuss the status and the live values. Update current values easily and share your progress. Relate together with Decisions or Plans for bigger concepts.

  1. Bring focus to decision making and planning with measurable objectives. Objectives concretize the desired outcome and solidify the execution plans.
  2. Align company strategy and derived execution plans with objectives and KPIs. Fingertip objectives are an integral part of decisions and plans creating a smooth path to cascade objectives company wide.
  3. Align Sales & Marketing teams with customer and sales objectives. This creates valuable synergy throughout sales cycle activities for lead generation, nurturing, conversions, and retention.
  4. Generate motivation with the Objectives & Key Results (OKR) methodology. Allow freedom and let individuals & teams foster in the alignment discussion. Fingertip’s OKR process facilitates the setup and alignment discussions digitally.
  5. Collect objectives together into a Master Plan for easy follow-up. Create movement behind the objectives, allow corrective actions and steer the path to the right direction.
  6. Evaluate learnings from objective setup to outcome. Use Fingertip’s triple loop learning method and evaluate features to visualize and document the learning outcomes vs results.
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