Meeting Management with Fingertip (U)

Meetings are needed to build common understanding, commitment and sharing knowledge. However, we all have experienced how frustratingly inefficient the usual meeting is. In fact, only 0.5 decisions are made in an average meeting.

Fingertip solves the typical bottlenecks of meetings: keeping the time, having the original content to discuss and decide about, engaging people through RACI, measuring contribution and most importantly, getting the decisions done!

Fingertip allows people to participate in meetings digitally, and access materials before and after the actual meeting, and are able to weigh in on the discussion. Increased productivity via streamlined meetings can save more than an hour of working time each day!

Fully integrated with Salesforce, Fingertip provides a secure and efficient tool for scheduling, executing and archiving meetings.

Easily arrange decisions and discussion topics in the agenda of your meeting using Fingertip.


Before a Meeting

  • Digitized decision making process  ensures preparation, commitment and execution
  • Easier Coordination Process
  • Professional Agenda Editor
  • Assign Preparation Tasks & Files
  • Integration with Outlook & Google Calendar possible


During a Meeting

  • Run onsite or Virtual Meetings
  • Document made decisions real-time
  • Capture Notes Instantly
  • Meeting Tools for Decision Making, Planning and more
  • Allocate Action Items as Tasks


After a Meeting

  • Approve Meeting Minutes
  • Easy follow-up
  • Professional Minutes and Customizable Layouts
  • File Management and Search Options
  • Task Management System
  • Meeting Analytics
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