Creating Fields

Start from selecting the object you want to create the field in. In this example we are going to create a new field under Accounts:

1. Click on Setup

2. From Setup, navigate to Object Manager from top

3. Click on label Account


Read about navigating the Setup.


In the Account object’s settings:

1. Click on Fields & Relationships.

2. Click on New to create a new field

! These are the fields that already exist in the Account object.



Let’s start creating a Field under Accounts:

1. Select a Data Type from the list. Let’s use a simple Checkbox for this example. Check the checkbox.

2. Click on Next to move to the next step.

! There are many different custom data types you can use and the process of creating them also varies, but most of them are self explanatory.


Read more about Custom Field Data Types on Salesforce help.


Creating a Checkbox field under Accounts:

1. Write a Label and a Name. Label is for you and Name is for the backend. Field Name can contain alphanumeric characters only. Also select the default state.

2. It is good to provide a clear description and a help text for the end users. The help text will be displayed when hovering on the info icon, description is only visible in setup.

3. Click Next when ready.


Read more about Creating Fields on Salesforce Help.


Next up is setting up Field-Level Security (FLS).

You will see a list of all Profiles in your environment with two options on the right: Visible or Read-Only.

1. First select which profiles should see the field by checking Visible. You can click the checkbox on top to select all.

2. Check Read-Only if you don’t want the profile to be able to edit the field.

3. Click Next when ready.



The last step is to select a page layout where the Field will appear on.

1. Check the page layouts where you want to include the field. Using page layouts you can modify different layouts for different user groups.

2. Click Save when ready. This will create the field on the mentioned layout.


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