Customize Lightning pages

To reach the Lightning App Builder, first select the object you want to edit from Object Manager, then:

1. Click on Lightning Record Pages.

2. Click on an Lightning Page name to open it.

3. Click on Edit to modify it

! Click on New if there is no existing Lightning Record Pages


More about editing lightning pages here.


Editing in Lightning App Builder

A. Lightning Components can be used to modify the features on a page. Each item on the list is a component with different functionality and look.

B. You can also modify the structure of the page with Tabs. More on that will be explained on the next slides.



Customize Tabs

To create or edit tabs shown on the page:

1. Click on the tab component from the preview section.

A. Current tabs are displayed here. To change the order, drag and drop a block into a different position. Changing Default Tab changes the tab that is loaded first when opening the Plan record.

B. To add a tab, click on Add Tab. To add content there you need to select it on the preview and drag and drop components inside it.

2. Remember to Save to apply your changes.



Customize tabs example (1/2)

Example: Leroy wants to change the Items tab as the first tab in Plans. To achieve this, Leroy should edit the current lightning page:

1. Open any plan record as the Admin user. On the top right corner click on the cogwheel icon and select Edit Page.



Customize tabs example (2/2)

On the Lightning App Builder – Plan Record Home:

1. Click on the tabs section on the Preview screen. This will change the side bar on the right to
Pages > Tabs.

2. Change the Default Tab to Items. This will determine which tab is selected when opening the page.

! You can also change the order of the tabs by drag and drop if needed.

3. Click save and follow the popups to activate the changes (set as org default).




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