Discovery pilot for easy adoption

Great! If you are reading this you are seriously considering taking Fingertip into use in your organization. One great way to prove to yourself and the entire organization about the benefits of Fingertip, you may want to conduct a limited discovery pilot to get the first hand experience what it means in practice and what it entails in the future.

Good high level objectives for the discovery pilot could be to assess whether the following questions can be answered during the pilot:

  • What does a digital leadership system look like?
  • Can we learn to make better decisions and execute them as well?
  • Is it possible to combine strategic urge with operational excellence?
  • Are digitally savvy enough to use a new system?
  • What is the learning curve for Fingertip?
  • Does the return on investment (ROI) meet our objectives as an organization?
  • etc.

If any of the above questions interest you, we advice you to either:

  • Setup a call with us to kick-off a Discovery pilot together with us (onsite or online)
  • Contact one of our partners near you to conduct the pilot
  • Take the step to prepare the pilot with your own resources and take the Fingertip trial



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