Page layouts and record pages introduction

As we are getting a bit deeper into Admin territory, you will need to understand the database model used in Salesforce.

In Salesforce, information is separated into Objects, Records and Fields:


In the user interface you can see Objects as the main tabs on the top. Accounts, Contacts or Decisions are objects.


Think records as rows in a table. What would a table be without any data entered into it? A single company is an example of an Account record (Decidio Ltd).


Once you have entered a new row into a table, you should also fill the columns: these are called as fields. Account Name, Phone and Webiste are all fields of Decidio ltd Account record.

mceclip0.pngThere are two ways to customize a page in Fingertip. You can customize a page’s layout or customize its contents through Lightning pages.

  • Page Layouts - You can customize a page’s contents, such as the fields and buttons that appear on the page, by using the page layout editor. The page layout editor helps you manage the content of pages in both our Classic UI and in Lightning Experience.
  • Lightning Pages - Lightning pages are a collection of Lightning components arranged in regions on the page. You can customize the structure of the page and the position of its components with the Lightning App Builder.

Learn more about the database structure in Salesforce in Trailhead.

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