Why we as organizations struggle with Adoption of new systems?


As the change agent in your organization it is vital to understand the possible hurdles in adopting a new system and way of working. 

Here is a list of common challenges and counterarguments you may face while you introduce change in your organization:

Management Tool
”Big Brother” tool for personnel, not being used to help them reach their goals. New System is also not easy to use.

Implementation not aligned to key Goals
Business requirement are not fully understood. The application doesn’t meet the needs of key stakeholders.

Lack of Sponsorship
Have limited executive sponsorship for the new system. There is no clear ownership

Non-existing Digital Leadership Culture
The natural leaders lacking the capabilities to lead the digital organization with habit creation, adoption and culture

Inadequate training
Limited or ineffective training for the personnel provided

Resistance to Change
Have Limited change management processes. Your team needs more communication.

Limited Roadmap
People have limited knowledge of system and platform capabilities and releases and how to align them to their goals.

No Governance
Limited or no Center of Excellence, or Steering Committee for change. There is no clear vision for where you’re going.

Misunderstood Process
All employees are not following the same processes, limiting the ability to get reliable data.

Limited Integrations
People have too many places to get information. The cost of information rises too high.


Here you can find the remedy for the above challenges.


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