Become a Fingertip Pro in no time

Before taking the first steps in Fingertip, you need to decide whether you actually want to learn it or not. As everything valuable in life, getting to the next level requires a bit of work and routines but will pay off hansomely later for you as an individual and later for the whole team. 

Why should you care about learning Fingertip:

  • Fingertip builds one unified way to lead and manage  organization from vision, missions and strategies down to grass-root challenges.
  • Keeps organization aligned and focus from big picture to daily operations, discussions and tasks.
  • Context & objective driven decision making, planning & execution.
  • Strong focus on customers throughout the organization and stakeholder teams.
  • Uplifts organization capability to create & deliver value according to the  end-to-end integrated processes with full alignment and with fast learning  cycles. No blind or hidden corners.
  • Online Dashboards for immediate feedback and taking actions fast. Strong focus on risk mitigation.
  • Real time documentation, online due diligence and audit trail to secure compliance to standards and customer requirements.
  • The most secured cloud platform with rich set of features. Never struggle with release updates!
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