Installing to Existing Salesforce Org (U)

This guide is about installing Fingertip in an existing Salesforce organization, either in production or sandbox.

You can find Fingertip in the Salesforce AppExchange:

Fingertip will update your organization automatically. In case of any major releases or changes we will inform you of the new features!


1. Start by going to Fingertip App on AppExchange.

2. Click the green "Get It Now" button.



Now you can choose to either login with your Salesforce credentials (you have to be admin in the organization) or continue as a guest. Select option A to install in an existing organization.

A. If you don’t have a Salesforce org or login yet, you can take a standalone trial. Select Continue as Guest and follow the instructions in Trial guide.

B. Select Log in if you want to install Fingertip to your current Salesforce organization.



Once you have logged in you can select where to install the package. If you are using a Sandbox org for testing you should install there first. The process is the same, so for demonstration purposes we will continue with option A, Install in Production.

A. Select Install in Production to install in an existing Salesforce org.

B. You can select Install in Sandbox if you want to test the Fingertip app in a copy environment before deploying it to production. You can follow this guide for sandboxes also.

C. Select Install in Trial, if you want to take a standalone trial.



In the Installation page:

1. Select Install for Admins Only.

2. Click Install.


The installation has now started! You need to wait for a while for the installation to complete. Don’t panic! Within 10 to 20 minutes you should receive a confirmation email of a successful installation.


You have now installed the Fingertip App on your Salesforce!





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