Creating a Post/Poll/Question in Chatter

Creating a Post

To share an update or spark discussion, you can use the Post functionality in the Chatter. Remember to go to a Decision or Plan Record’s Chatter when the post is related to the Item rather than general discussion:

  1. Choose Post (default) in the Chatter tab and open the text editor.
  2. Write your message, be concise! You can add basic formatting, images, emojis, links and attachments. Link to a Record with / followed with the Record name
  3. Remember to tag people you want reactions from with @-command
  4. Press Share to send the post and notify the tagged people




Creating a Poll

Polls can also be created in any Record that has a Chatter, or generally. To Poll something:

  1. Choose Poll as the post type
  2. Write the Questions and Choices
  3. Click Ask to Share the Poll
  4. Tag people in the comment-field to notify them of the Poll!



Creating a Question

Questions allow you to ask anything and choose the best answer from the bunch. You can also ask questions in the Chatter feeds of Plans and Decisions. To ask a Question:

  1. Choose Question as the post type
  2. Write your Question
  3. Write a longer description of the question and tag people you want answers from in the Details-field
  4. Click Ask to Share the Question
  5. When you get answers, remember to choose the Best Answer, which will show also to other people viewing the Question later


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