Objective Record


This is an Objective record. Here you can find all the information and discussion regarding the Objective. This is where the Objective is also moved forward in the Objective life-cycle. Different elements in a Objective Record include:

  1. Title area - Title, due date and decorative image

  2. Objective life cycle

  3. Tabs - Find discussion, relations, classifications and audit trail

  4. Copy Objective

  5. Objective Details - Name, description, owner and related Plan or Decision

  6. Objective Type - Type, priority, order and phase

  7. Timing and Results - Relevant dates, units, and status with initial, current and target values

  8. System Information - Last modified person and last modified time

  9. Trend and Progress indicators

  10. Update and Action menu - Give a new value, update details, add related records and more

  11. Progress Bar - How close to the target are we as a percentile from start

  12. Progress Curve - Visualization of the Objective progress so far as a function of time

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