Fingertip is your Adoption Journey (U)


  • Fingertip is a Journey. It means that it ignites the transformation of your organization by influencing first the key stakeholders in the organization and giving the necessary capabilities to lead the organization in the digital era.
  • By introducing small changes in working habits and providing the framework for new thinking, you together with your client navigate through the obstacles, and establish new habits with the necessary cadence.
  • A common misconception of adoption and change is that it means taking a new tool into use. Naturally this is a part of the learning journey, but far more important is what it does to you personally as a professional and how it glues your teams together. Thus this is not an IT project, but above all it is a learning journey.
  • The role of the Fingertip solution is to streamline tedious management processes leaving more energy to the actual focus areas in your organization.
  • The Fingertip tool itself is one of the foremost Salesforce applications, allowing the leader and professionals to concentrate on the big picture and not worrying about the nitty gritty.
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