Decision Card

This is a basic Decision card at Fingertip. Decision cards are visible in the Home Screen and Decision tab. It gives you some relevant information of a Decision in a quick glance. This card-type contains the following information:


  1. The Decision is “New”, you have not opened it before
  2. Image attached to the Decision
  3. How many people have seen the decision
  4. Current stage at the Decision life-cycle
  5. Title of the Decision
  6. Decision Card options
  7. New post(s) in the Decision
  8. Your role(s) in the Decision
  9. Stances for the Decision (Approve/Reject)


Other elements that you can come across in alternative Decision card-types look like this

mceclip0.png Due date indicator - When is the Due Date for the phase in the Decision life-cycle
mceclip1.png Last modified indicator - When were modifications last made to the Decision
mceclip2.png Priority indicator - How critical is the Decision. Defined during creation of a Decisions [Very low - Very high]
mceclip4.png Trend indicator - Is the Decision being furthered at the expected rate
mceclip5.png Progress indicator - Status of the Decision indicated visually (Completed, Minor Challenges etc.)
mceclip6.png Mood indicator - Average mood as indicated by people while interacting with the Decision
mceclip7.png Relevance of participation - Average relevance as indicated by people while interacting with the Decision
mceclip8.png Decision Accountable - Typically the person who created the Decision
mceclip9.png Likes and Dislikes - Sentiment as indicated by people in the Decision
mceclip10.png Posts and Comments in Decision Chatter
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