Overview of the Plans Tab


The Plan tab is the home of all your Plans. The default view is Kanban which shows all the Plans shared to you under a generalized process: Not Started, In Progress and Completed. Click on any Plan card to open a Plan record page. Plan tab contains:

  1. Plan Tab - This is where you are at
  2. List Filters - Filter Plan according to for example your Role
  3. Process and its Phases
  4. Plan Cards - Read more above
  5. Process Selector - Select which process to show on the Kanban
  6. Plan Search Bar - Search for Plan Records
  7. Refresh
  8. What I Follow - Unfollow Plan Records*
  9. Search Filter
  10. View Switcher - Switch between Kanban (default), Preview, List and Card views
  11. Create a new Plan

*Salesforce automatically follows each Plan you are part of in Fingertip so that you can keep track of what is happening in the record. There are maximum limits set to how many records can be followed so it is advisable to unfollow Plans that are no longer relevant.

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