Exploring the Navigation Bar

Top Navigation Bar

The top Navigation bar is how you usually move around in Fingertip. Here are the common buttons you can find in the navigation bar:


  1. Global search bar - Navigates through all Fingertip Items and Records in your environment
  2. Favorites - Click the star to add current page to favorites or the arrow to see your favorites
  3. Global Action Menu - Depending on your user level and organization, the Global Action Menu holds pre-organized set of Global Actions available everywhere
  4. Help menu - Find guides how to use Fingertip and Salesforce under the Help-menu
  5. Salesforce setup - Setup your Salesforce environment (only for admins)
  6. Notifications window - Shows most recent notifications and indicates the number of unread ones
  7. My profile - Adjust your user settings and profile
  8. App Launcher - For your other Salesforce components
  9. Fingertip Tabs - Navigate between Item tabs in Fingertip, view most recent ones and create new
  10. Customize Navigation (Advanced) - Add more tabs to your navigation


Global Action Menu

The Global Action Menu enables you to perform global actions from anywhere in Fingertip. Global Action Menu options are configured by your admin. Open the Menu by clicking the mceclip0.png icon on top right corner of the screen. Some included actions might be:

  • New Decision
  • New Plan
  • New Task
  • New Note
  • New Event
  • New Contact
  • Email


User Menu

Open the User Menu by clicking your profile icon on top right corner of the screen.


The My Profile -menu consists of:

  1. User profile - Set your picture, bio and contact info in the user profile
  2. Your Fingertip domain
  3. User settings - Here you can change for example your email notification settings
  4. Log out of Fingertip
  5. Display Density - Affects how much “empty” space Fingertip displays between items
  6. Options - Switch to Salesforce Classic (not recommended)


Utility Bar

The Utility Bar can be found from the bottom of your screen. If you need quick access to your daily tasks or need help using Fingertip, this component could be useful for you! This navigation includes the three following buttons:


  1. Recent Items - Records you have recently opened
  2. Notes - Create and view notes you created, and which have been shared with you
  3. Help - Helpful use case videos how to use Fingertip


Navigating on Mobile


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