Fingertip and the Salesforce Platform

The Fingertip app resides on the trusted and secure Salesforce CRM platform. This means that Fingertip can be used with your Salesforce environment and gaining all of the same benefits. Fingertip is available on the Salesforce AppExchange store, but it can also be taken into use as a standalone version.

In this article we will cover:

Benefits of the cloud-based Salesforce Platform

To get Fingertip you don't need to have an existing Salesforce environment. A standalone Fingertip environment gets the standard functionality from Salesforce such as Accounts and Contacts for storing customer information. And add-ons to Salesforce work seamlessly to Fingertip, so you can get a lot of benefits by using Fingertip together with Salesforce.

Fingertip is a cloud service. This in itself provides a great set of benefits:

  • All the features reside in a trusted and safe cloud.
  • Scalability. The service has the capacity to scale to the largest of teams. The architecture behind the service was designed to handle millions of users. We scale as rapidly as our customers require.
  • Everything is available on the same platform. Features provided by Salesforce such as the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or the Marketing Cloud, along with the apps available in the Salesforce AppExchange are integrated together with Fingertip.
  • The Salesforce platform is powered by metadata and allows the use of advanced data services, artificial intelligence, and robust APIs for development.

Fingertip provides a single, secure, and scalable platform that's easy to customize and upgrade without anything breaking. 


Fingertip as a Salesforce Application

In technical terms, Fingertip is a Salesforce approved managed package. Managed package is a collection of components that are posted as one unit on the Salesforce AppExchange. You don't need to worry about updating the Fingertip app as we will do it for you, as managed packages are fully upgradeable.

If you are not a Salesforce user, Fingertip comes with a set of Salesforce licenses and a fully configured Salesforce instance, instantly ready-to-use. Fingertip automates a lot of the process required when setting up a new Salesforce environment and makes it easy for you to start using the service. We also provide excellent support for you if you have any questions about the platform or configuring it.

Functionality and Design

Fingertip is following the Salesforce design and logic in it's design.  If you have used Salesforce before, you already know the basics of Fingertip. For new users, don't worry! Learning the basics is easy: follow the guide Getting Started with Fingertip.

We have added a more visual layer on top of the Salesforce experience making it even easier to use. There are several features such as filtering, enhanced Kanban views, Gantt for tasks and RACI sharing model, that making using Fingertip an enjoyable experience.

Salesforce licenses provided with Fingertip

In Salesforce the features and access of the platform is determined by User Licenses. When starting a standalone Fingertip environment, you get a set of two types of licenses: The admin user has the full Salesforce license and the ability to configure the environment with System Administrator profile. Other users get the Salesforce Platform license. They provide full access to the Fingertip application, but only limited access to Salesforce features.

If you are installing Fingertip in an existing environment, the licenses will be provided on top of your existing licenses. In these situations it's not required to use the platform license for regular users. It is also possible to use Fingertip with other licenses but some limitations may apply.

Salesforce license

Designed for users who require full access to standard CRM and Salesforce AppExchange apps. Users with this user license are entitled to access any standard or custom apps. 

In standalone Fingertip the user with the Salesforce license has also the the System Administrator profile.

Salesforce Platform license

Designed for users who need access to custom apps but not the full CRM functionality. Users with this user license can use custom apps installed from Salesforce AppExchange, like Fingertip. Platform users are entitled to use core platform functionality such as accounts, contacts, reports, dashboards, documents, and custom tabs. These users are not entitled to some user permissions and standard apps, including  objects such as forecasts, leads, campaigns, and opportunities.

Other license types

When installing Fingertip to an existing Salesforce organization, you might want to use your own licenses for accessing Fingertip. It is recommended to use either the Salesforce or Salesforce Platform license for full functionality.

If you require some other license type or want to expand your usage of the Salesforce platform, you should contact us or contact Salesforce directly.

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