The Fingertip Story

Fingertip was born in 2011 in the harbour of Helsinki, Finland.

We founded Fingertip with a simple goal in mind: Reinvent decision making to help organizations of all sizes make better decisions.

We looked around at all the knowledge workers’ solutions available and saw some real issues. For starters, most ignored a simple fact – everyone is a decision maker, and every employee takes part in decision making.

We saw social collaboration taking off, but those conversations were segregated from the task management, powerful project management and above all decision making that are essential for leading and execution. In fact, we saw too much inefficiency and too many silos in general.

We know from experience that getting things done is a matter of learning how to manage dozens, even hundreds of moving parts. We also need the commitment and passion of people, which can be achieved by making the purpose imminent, and letting people influence and engage.

That’s when we discovered something groundbreaking. By bringing all of this together into a fully integrated solution, we can change the future of work. By connecting social conversations with decisions, tasks, plans, projects, customers, and objectives work can flow up or down the funnel in a single tool, along with the discussions, documents and context required for success.

Today, we offer an application suitable from small startups to huge enterprises, inspiring social decision making, that harnesses the power of the cloud. The social engagement to get decisions made and implemented on time, on budget, and with commitment – taking into consideration what is essential.


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