Working in Fingertip

With Fingertip you can plan, decide and deliver in a streamlined and easy way. We'll go through some examples for completing your daily activities in a more documented and transparent way. 

This topic will cover:

  • Plan together
  • Organize your activities and focus
  • Host meetings with a live agenda
  • Share information in context
  • Keep all your work in one place


Plan together

Fingertip makes it possible to create a complete overview of your business so that you can easily understand your team's performance. You can create a Plan structure from where you can drill-in from high level strategy to more granular daily activities.

Good planning improves leadership and allows more freedom in using resources and efficient timing.

When everybody is on the same page, onboarding, ideation and auditing will happen naturally through the work that has been documented in Fingertip. All discussion is linked and in context, creating a complete platform for relevant data with audit trail.


Organize your activities and focus

It's easy to stay on track when daily activities have their own platform with structure and a process. There are many benefits of using Fingertip for focusing your work.  Facilitation of projects, execution and follow-up can be done in a more visible and result-driven way.

Build an advanced Project Management Office or just execute Tasks in Kanban view with a list of tasks to be completed. Fingertip offers all the tools needed for digital process creation and dynamic task management.

Host meetings with a live agenda

Where ever you are, you can take part in a digital Fingertip meeting. Fingertip provides a powerful cloud-based meeting management system that minimizes time spent while maximizing the productivity. 

Meeting agenda with live data

Fully integrated with Salesforce, Fingertip provides a way to create dynamic agendas with the records from your CRM. Easily create Sales Meetings where you can go through Account Plans or even create automatically updating calling lists! By using the hierarchy feature you can discuss your projects and drill-in to the most finest details.

Create meetings notes and document approvals

When hosting the meeting in Fingertip, the discussion is documented and can be viewed the next day. After the meeting you can share the minutes of the meeting as a PDF file.

Decision making is a core part of Fingertip and today most documented decisions are made in meetings. With Fingertip you can get the decisions approved digitally and leave a documented trail of all the stances and comments. In social decision making, everybody has a voice and we listen to it.

Define clear accountability

Fingertip uses a RACI-model to clarify roles and decision making authority. When some one is always accountable, it is easier to let people know what is expected from them. Every stakeholder has an assigned role which defines the rights and duties of that individual or group.

Share information in context

Good communication is the basis of efficient collaboration and improves productivity. The information structure and classification options in Fingertip helps to keep communication in context and transparent.

Fingertip provides tools for creating polls and questions, categorize content into channels, notifications to stay alert and fast sharing of information through public groups.

Indicate status and trend

Keep things simple by indicating progress and trend with traffic light colors. Indicate challenges in the progress and see how others are doing reaching out to help if need be. Visual communication is strongly embedded into the Fingertip design philosophy, we wan't you to be able to understand the big picture with a glance.

Communicate transparently

By being open and having the big picture clear for your team it is easy to understand what needs to be done next and organize new action steps. When decision making is inclusive and done transparently, work can become more engaging.

Find information easily

In Fingertip, information is always searchable. Use the global search to find your chatter discussion history or past meetings. Whether you are searching for messages, files, decisions, plans, objectives or people, the information can be found at any time. Customize your Fingertip home page to fit your current favorite content so that's instantly available when you login.

Integrate to messaging platforms

As an application on the trusted Salesforce platform, Fingertip integrates easily with the most common messaging tools. You can use Fingertip inside a Microsoft Teams environment and build a connection between Slack and Fingertip with only a couple of clicks. Other possibilities include bringing your documents from Google Docs to Fingertip and relating them with your content.

Keep all your work in one place

Fingertip works great as a hub for daily activity and business processes. By having your strategy and execution implemented in Fingertip, you can reduce distractions and time spent on trying to find information in different tools.

Content can be organized in multiple ways in Fingertip. You can use Channels for finding information on a specific domain, add favourites pinned on your home page or find relevant discussion with Chatter Streams

Fingertip as a mini-CRM

When you have Fingertip you have all the benefits of a regular CRM system,but also a modern leadership tool with objectives management and decision making. The Fingertip license grants you access to the standard Salesforce Account and Contact objects that can be used to create a database of your customers.


Schedule events on calendar

Daily activities and events created in Fingertip can be synced with your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook account. You can relate emails and activity with your content in Fingertip, create reminders and notifications to stay alert and easily find all the connected email discussions or calendar events. 


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