What is a Decision?

Decision making is not only about the action of making a decision, but rather the entire process; Draft, Share, Propose & Decide, Execute, Evaluate, Close. 

From describing the decision all the way to closing it, all that is relevant is included in the life cycle. The life cycle of a decision is the basis for better decision making quality.

Create decisions to share them with your colleagues and collaborate to find a good solution. Creating decisions in Fingertip ensures that everything is documented and manageable.

Fingertip gathers all the phases of decision making into one process.

  • Write a problem statement, propose, decide, execute and evaluate
  • Use RACI to gather the right stakeholders together
  • Document, create an audit trail and allow transparency with purpose
  • Solve many types of problems flexibly with a documented, agile method
  • Include tasks, files or links to other systems
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